debut album from moony out now only on vinyl and digital download

After amassing an impressive collection of genre-spanning EPs scouring depths of emotion, pain, anger, relief, and hope, burgeoning Nashville-based indie alt rocker Seth Findley (AKA moony) is at full form, ready to deliver his debut LP to the world. WARNING HIGH CUBE is a bold full-throttle whirlwind of a hero’s journey, serving as moony’s definitive allegory of his life so far, exploring swirling ideas of existentialism, nature, spirituality, love, friendship, and the threads that hold humanity together. Co-produced alongside Michael Guillot, multi- instrumentalist moony’s distinct writing and production style shines through a sonic landscape of lush and gritty guitars, buzzing synths, intricate drum parts, and melodies that stick with the listener immediately after first listen. A new world ripe for the picking, WARNING HIGH CUBE is here to save mankind.

we are all moony


AKA Seth Findley


moony is the life and death of Seth Findley unfolded in an uncanny array of sights and sounds inscribed by a 187-year-old octopus...